Sunday, March 11, 2012

hi, i'm still around

sometimes i have so much stuff rattling around in my brain i just can't figure out how i am going to put it into words and blog about it. my camera lens, battery, and memory card are all thrown around various parts of my house. i start posts only to have them clutter as drafts. my readership is dwindling down to almost negative numbers. i am indeed an imperfect blogger.
with that said, i'm going to be better. regular posting! my camera WILL MAKE AN APPEARANCE. these are my springtime goals. stick around! you'll be glad you did.
as for the things on my mind- boise, FASFA and tuition, springtime classes, turning 21, birthday cakes, green smoothies, and warm weather. homework. ugh

1 comment:

Diana Cook said...

i don't care if your reader count is shall always have me! And your mom :)