Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Yes, yes... the time has come. I have been with so many others, and none have stuck with me for more than a few months. The love always fades... either they "die", just get lost, or I just get bored with them... and so on Monday when I had enough with the last one, I met Antonio... the BlackBerry. No, no I am not talking about MEN in any way, shape, or form. (for my luck with them is even worse than my luck with phones :D) I am talking about the new love of my life.. the one that will go with me everywhere, let me press all the buttons, and keep me company in the long hours of the night. *sigh*

Okay, you can all stop drooling now! Before I go any further, just let me explain why I named my phone Antonio. First off, ever since I was young I have liked to name things... I was always Felicia in house, I frequently had to write new stories because I had thought up the perfect name for one of the characters, and so on and so on. When we purchased my truck, I knew he was Rusty... right away, and after only a few days of buying my cruiser, Rico Suave basically named himself! (for it is an unwritten law that all cruisers must possess Hispanic nomenclature!) So anywhoo, when I got Antonio, for a whole day he was nameless... in fact I didn't even know his gender, until I was bored at work, and then it it just came to me.. dang. Naming my children is going to be cake!
You may ask, Why the h-e-double-hockey-sticks does this girl need a phone with GPS, internet, e-mail, bluetooth file transfer, music player, and such... and the answer? Well... I don't really know.... You see, my upgrade was due, and I just thought, what the hay... let's do it! While getting to know a new phone is a little stressful, Antonio and I are having fun getting to know each other... and while his buttons are a little misshapen, his powering up time a little slow, and his transfer rate unpredictable, we all have our kinks, don't we? :)
... I have 14 days to figure out if he has a place in the next 2 years of my future or not. Oh the pressure!


The Ball Babies said...

Lyss, you always come up with the weirdest, funniest names for inanimate objects!(is that spelled right?)You have a great sense of humor. Love you. Lindsay!

Ashlee said...

Very nice job on TV, Lyss!! I don't think I could have handled a day without mine..