Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sunscreen Kills?

Today, we decided it would be fun to adventure to the pool in Pocatello, Ross Park, to try to get some "color" as my aunts Julie and Annette kept saying (and kept making me laugh :D) So, we went, and at first, I didn't worry about sunscreen, cuz how would I get "color" if I blocked all the UVB rays? :) Anyways, after about an hour, I decided it was time to slather it on. I got out my cute little travel size sunscreen, and as me and my cousin put it on, my aunt Annette chimed in, saying "You know I heard that the chemicals in sunscreen cause cancer?" I was thinking, um... come again?! Sunscreen protects us from the sun! You know, S-U-N-S-C-R-E-E-N, its kind of literal... haha. So anyways, she went on to tell us that the chemicals in it aren't good for your skin, and I just let it go in one ear, out the other. (My father is a proud sunscreen addict, and tries to make me a user, too. :D) Anyways, when we got home, I got on the computer to check out this fascinating tidbit. (But had to reposition my butt frequently from the pain of getting ROYALLY FRIED). Anyhow, this is the link to the site, and I thought it was interesting... and my conclusion?
eh... we're gonna all die anyways. :)
But here's some pics of us livin it up at the pool!

before our "color" :) Brynlee, Lex, and me

hey look! it's us getting some sweet vitamin D! :)

Aunt Annette, Aunt Julie, Lex, and Me

uh... the product. UVB KILLS!
...but so does sunscreen

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The Ball Babies said...

wow bryn looks like a total cutie, and your swimsuits are really cute. Where did you get them?
love kourt