Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bend, OR

Bend was so fun this year! I figured that I should put a few pictures of the highlights of the race in beautiful Oregon. Wow- I had never been up to that part of the state before, and I was smitten immediately by the quaint little place. We only stayed for a night, but goodness it was a fun time with the team that will forever hold a special place in my heart!
Overpacked for just an overnighter? Some of my throw up after our water drinking contest.. I got 7 glasses in about an hour. Yeah, I don't recommend trying it. :)And they're off! I'm the first girl in blue.. haha yeah pretty sure this was the only time I was EVER in the front. :)since it was the PUMA Invitational, Diana and I thought it fitting to put these tattoos on our heads for all the world to see.
On the way home our car made it a point to eat an entire gallon of ice cream

Right after the race.. we were number one in our hearts

Timberline Varsity XC 2008
Me and my other half, Diana
After races we always make it a point to conga line with complete strangers!

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