Monday, October 27, 2008

There Are Two Types Of People In This World..

1. Those that run
2. Those that should.
Well, it's official. Cross Country is over. It's weird to think that... I recall halfway through the season during countless 30 minutes out and 30 back runs thinking... "This will NEVER END!" But, like all good things, it did. Our last run was the District meet last Friday at Eagle Island. If we did well enough- placing top 6 teams- we would have gone to State this week, but we didn't quite make the cut. I had decided I was going to get a PR this week, so to meet this goal, I reluctantly wore my spikes... oh, my spikes. Let's just say I've had them since 7th Grade, (my feet don't grow) they aren't meant for distance, and I knew if I wore them I would curse the day I was born after the race. However, They were much lighter than my regular shoes, and hey.. what's walking like a grandma if you can shave some seconds off your time?
The race was pretty good I guess, anti-climatic, but fun. My time was 23:04, 2 seconds better than any of my other times, (I don't think the spikes were worth the shooting shards of pain I had the next few days) and even though it felt kind of strange to cross the final finish line of high school XC, and my final thoughts were, "$#@%@# I should have run faster!" I was glad to be done, glad to have run, glad to have had FUN! (Did you catch that rhyme?)Note the shoes, please. :)
I'm so fast, the camera couldn't get me in the actual frame! Photo cred: Cloey Hardy. She said, "Sorry I cut you off, I was just cheering so loudly!"The last finish line- so metaphorical! Just look at the sunset symbolizing an end to another season of my life.. high school XC. hahaha

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