Thursday, November 27, 2008


So, this day would not be complete with first, a synopsis of the day, and second, a list of things I am most thankful for.

So, like most years, this Thanksgiving was spent in Meridian, Idaho, at the home of Jeff & Tresa Ball. And, like most years, it was relaxing, fun, and delicious. For those of you who don't know, I am a devout vegetarian, and so when Thanksgiving comes along, I frequently am asked,
"Well, what do you eat?!"
Oh, ask anyone at the table and they will tell you...passing the turkey on down the line never hampers my ability to stuff myself! :) Anyways, after we were all full, we spent the remainder of the afternoon playing cards, sleeping, and, of course, scouring the newspaper ads for the best Black Friday deals followed by periodic trips to the kitchen for leftover snacks. :)

Of course, Thanksgiving would not be complete without my list of top 10 things I am grateful for, and so we begin.

1. Family. They are the greatest source of encouragement and happiness in my life. I love them!

2. Friends. I kind of feel like they should be added to the family category, because that is what they are to me, but alas. They deserve their own specific category. Diana, Cloey, Melissa, Cassie, Britni, Sarah, Hailey, Emily, Rachael, and Lex, thank YOU!

3. The Gospel. How blessed I am to have been born knowing that I am a daughter of God; that I have the tools to return to my Father In Heaven, and that His endless love will never falter.

4. Boise. I never want to leave. This city is the most beautiful place I know. We've got it all within 30 minutes, it's safe, semi-cultured for being in Idaho, and BIKE FRIENDLY! :) :) :)

5. Mouthwash/Toothpaste/Toothbrushes. One of my favorite past-times is brushing my teeth, and I am currently getting my teeth straightened by the help of Invisalign. Let's just say in the morning... and after 24 hours of wearing plastic in my mouth, I am so grateful for the germ killing power of Listerine!

6. My Mac. Once you go MAC you don't go BACK. Oh, how I love my baby and the assistance it offers with school & play.

7. Running. After eating all this food today, I'm grateful for a way to make it all go away, plus I am thankful for the stress relief and focus it offers.

8. School. Well, I wanted to say I am grateful there are only 107 days of it left, but alas... :) I'm thankful for all my teachers, the fact that I am semi-good at it, and the fact that next year I can go to a new one. :)

9. Electricity. I would have been a terrible pioneer.

10. Life. It's good, it's mine, and it's full.

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