Monday, December 1, 2008

Glory Hallelujah

Yes, yes tis true.
It feels pretty dang good.
My applications found their way to Utah State University, University of Utah, BYU and BYU-Idaho. My mom shot down my hopes and dreams of applying to BYU-Hawaii, she says it isn't a "real school". Pooey. (She thinks I will just sit around and each chocolate-covered macademia nuts all day, but hey, I don't even like those... everyone knows I would just suck all the chocolate off.)
So far, I've been getting good results with this applying business. I've been accepted to:
Utah State-today they sent me a strange banner, the infamously coveted TRUE AGGIE chapstick, (all you Legacy Applicants understand what I mean) and a lot of paperwork. Yippie!
University Of Utah- the coolest thing they sent me was a "Certificate of Acceptance"... and a window cling- can't be forgetting that.
And hopefully all my paperwork reached BYU today and I met the priority deadline, which is today. If not, I blame the Stake Presidency for not sending in my endorsement on time! (because I know it couldn't have anything to do with me waiting til the last minute to get my interview :0)
So yeah, I'm just taking a deep breath now, and diving into the next phase of this multi-leveled labryrinth called "senior year". (but sometimes I like to call it Hell)
In fact, last night I decided I would delve into these precious things, and only came to find that the priority deadline for USU scholarships was today. Delightful. So, I spent the rest of the night frantically trying to put together a brag sheet and making my sleep deprived mother stay up and provide moral support while I constantly asked, "hey Mom- do you remember when we did that one service project when you were in YW?!" Needless to say, I did complete both applications, and so now we will sit, watch and wait... and fill out apps for other scholarships.
Oh, and 106 days of Timberline left.

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The Ball Babies said...

Now, now, I didn't actually say that BYU-Hawaii isn't a "real school" - do you think I want to get beat up by a big Samoan chick???

I didn't want you to apply there for purely selfish reasons: you'd be too far away from me.

And, just what is the chapstick all about?