Sunday, December 21, 2008


I love Christmas lights! That is one of my favorite things about Christmas- seeing people go allllll, walking a fine line between picaresque and tacky. I have this in common with quite a few of my friends, so the last two nights have been spent with various friends finding the best light displays. OH, and did we find the BEST ones. The first one, I heard about from one of my co-workers who told me she screamed with delight when she saw it. OH. I had to go. So, I made my friend find out where it was, with the help of mapquest, we were led to the president of Idaho Power's home up in the foothills. My anticipation started to build like 5 miles from his house, cuz you could SEE IT! It was marked with this ginormous red angel on the side of the hill, and last night we found out that you can basically see it from my house, too. Amazing. I guess the guy makes his employees set up his house.. it's crazy. Last night I took more of my friends, and they were pretty impressed, too. These pics definitely don't do it justice.!
The second house was THE BEST, though. It's what we like to call a "Singing House" where the lights move and are synchronized to music. This house was crazy. There were tons of people in their cars, backed on neighboring driveways to see it, and wow what a show it was. Now, it was quite tacky, with music like "yellow snow, yellow snow, yellow snow" and corny jokes told by a couple of penguins, but ahhh all of us were just kinda is awe of it all. This video just doesn't do the place justice... it was MUCH more bright and seizure-inducing. :) But hey, enjoy it anyways. :)

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