Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's REVOLUTION (not Resolution)

I will do one thing this year, because in the past I make a nice list of things I think would be good to do, but right after writing them, I usually forget. This year, I made a pact with myself. I can slim down the list of goals to one, but I HAVE to do it. Really. So, without further adieu, here is my resolution.. it's pretty revolutionary....
I, Alyssa Kristine Ball, will finish PERSONAL PROGRESS.
Well, no turning back now.
Leaders! Practice your signatures
Bishop! Order my necklace!
Mom! Start finding a musical number for my Recognition

(Not really, though. I refuse to have one of those HEY LOOK AT ME I ROCK! Award Ceremonies... I can put my own necklace, thank you very much)
and LOOK OUT Medallion, here I come! :)
... and a mere 90 days til I kiss high school goodbye

1 comment:

The Ball Babies said...

Yay! Now I can quit asking you when you are going to finish! BTW - when are you going to finish?