Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Particles, GET OUTTA MY AIR & Other Topics

I am so sick of this nasty inversion. It is really disgusting, and for once I just want to see the SUNSHINE and feel the WARMTH. January is the worst month of the year. I hear it supposed to rain a little, though, so thank goodness, maybe it'll wash away a little... and I won't feel so dirty breathing outside!

But onto more light topics! Like... college! Wooh! The latest news really is that I was accepted to BYU-I (big surprise, let me tell you ;) ) and tonight I completed the swamp also known as FAFSA. Let me tell you... how sweet it is to get that off the plate. So really, now all I am waiting for is FEB 1, also known as application & scholarship deadline. After that, I should be making my decision of where to spend the next four years of my life. ...deep breath...

Senior year is going ____ (insert word here). I have stumbled upon a great deal of senioritis since Christmas Break, and today is a milestone- 80 days and I am a free bird! However, as much as I groaned to think I still have a whole semester left, it's kinda fun. I got out of Psychology (hallelujah- it was not my favorite) and am now in CHOIR. Yes, CHOIR. Did you hear that? CHOIR! Hahahaha when I told a lot of kids I was joining, they just laughed at me, seeing as usually I am the first to criticize the "choir kids". But I have one word in my defense and reasoning and it is "DISNEYLAND". This one word is the reason that there are 75 students in 4th period choir. Yep, this year the Acappella Choir is going to Disneyland, and I imagine sing, too. April 1-5 baby! I am really excited. Who can pass up a good time with Mickey and ride through (and hopefully not get stuck in) It's A Small World? It's pretty magnetic!

If you've been reading my mom's blog, (which probably you have because you're probably my mom cuz she's the only one who reads this :) ) you'll see that she has a nice new addition to her background. The Race To Robie Creek Countdown! Now, let me tell you, I am a paper chain and countdown enthusiast, and really there is nothing better than pulling off a few links to your very own "Days of School Left" chain (yep, I do have one... call me a kindergartener) but to tell you the truth, seeing my mom's counter makes me wanna puke. I am so not ready to run this thing... and I will blame it on my IT Band. My right knee hurt a little after XC season, and I don't think falling down the mountain, aka skiing, helped it either. Anyways, now it hurts to run, walk fast, go down stairs, ect, and I so right now my "training" consists solely of the elyptical. Not my favorite. But alas, I just pray that soon I will feel better and be able to tackle the dreadmill, for there is nothing better than running 45 minutes at 5 AM on that bad boy. (Note the sarcasm, please) Wish me luck! :)

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Aly G said...

Oh alyssa! Congrats on BYU! You should be so proud of yourself! You will love it. I can't wait! I thought it was the U, but I guess byu will do! I want an elyptical so bad! It must be in the ball blood to exercise like crazy! I need some of that blood. Love reading the blog!