Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Facts

I was "tagged" on FB, and figured, hey, let's just kill 2 birds and put it on the ol' blog!

1. I don't like the words "moist" and "nummy". It's not really the connotation on the word that gets me... I think they are both gross words, but it's more the way you shape your mouth and the sound of the words. Disgusting.

2. I'm a vegetarian. It all started with Diana 2 years ago when we ate at Dairy Queen, I had a terrible hamburger, and I decided to try it out... I love it, I feel so much healthier and I don't even remember what meat tastes like.

3. I love writing in my journal.. I have notebooks and notebooks detailing my life. In fact, I'm sure I've written about everyone I tagged in one of them at least once! It's a disease...

4. I love running- especially long distance. XC was the best part of high school, and last year I ran Robie Creek Half Marathon... I plan on doing it again this year

5. I have a conscience the size of Rhode Island. Seriously.

6. Riding the blue cruiser is my preferred method of transportation. Me and Diana ride 'em almost every day when it's not snowing. It is so relaxing and great!

7. When I turn on the TV I always go to the news or CSPAN first. Yeah. I know, I'm really weird. I love politics, and wish I would have been a debater.

8. I like high school, but I am ready to move on in my life. Next year I am either going to USU or BYU, and will major in Biology. The plan right now is that I will be a dentist, but I also want to be a Dietician... oh gosh it's hard. If both those fall through, I would love to major in poli sci and do something political.

9. NATURE. I love being outside and experiencing Mother Nature. Being out there, riding my cruiser, running on the greenbelt, it is when I've had my most euphoric & life fulfilling moments.

10. I have huge pupils. The ophthalmologist told me that I have 7mm pupils, and most people only have 6mm pupils. Go figure.

11. Diana and I love to speak Spanish to each other.. (porque nos amigos no entienden!). The best time of the day is when we speak solid espanol from Spanish to Choir. We get some priceless looks. :)

12. I have movie ADD. Ask anyone who goes to movies with me on the rare occasion I do... I can't sit still

13. I basically hate gossip. What bothers me the most is when someone tells me stuff about X person, whenever I see X person, that one thing is all I can think about! I like living in oblivion to people's deep dark secrets :)

14. I love dreads.. especially guys with them. Ohhhh baby. I hope one day I can have them, and until then I will just love the thought of having them

15. One time I backwards somersaulted an entire football field. Oh peer pressure

16. I am the queen of countdowns. I am a huge paper chain enthusiast.. there is NOTHING better than ripping off a chain every day and feeling the excitement build for the day you are counting down to! My current paper chain is geared towards the last day of school... 72 days

17. I really loathe shopping. However, I love new clothes!

18. I am trying to work on living every day for what it is... not wishing for tomorrow or yesterday.

19. Knitting. Call me grandma, but hey, ever since Anna Thorn and Youtube helped me figure it out, I've just gone to town, and I knit every Sunday in church :) And I apologize to Emily for making fun of her all the time last year!

20. I am extremely task oriented. I love my agenda. It is my favorite thing; writing, highlighting,
it's the best.

21. I don't have a boyfriend, and that is the way I like it. I think serious relationships when you're young and in high school are too stressful- I would much rather just have fun :)

22. One time when I was in third grade I fell out the shrubs onto the cement at my school while being a good citizen and picking up trash. I bled a lot, and had to get stitches.. I guess that's what I get for trying to be a good citizen! But besides that, I've never had any major injuries!

23. I am kind of addicted to facebook... and trying to limit myself

24. I don't really like to sleep like most people do.. I have to make myself go to bed at night, and I'm not very good at sleeping in.

25. I have invisalign, and my teeth are almost straight! 10 more days of trays!

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The Ball Babies said...

That was fun! I learned a lot about the oldest child I claim as my own! How do you tag someone? Did you really tag 25 people??? WOW.

Alyssa Ball said...

haha it was on FB Mom... facebook. I tagged my friends on there