Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

Everyone does a cutesy blog post on Wednesday to get them over Hump day...
so, I figured hey, jump on the bandwagon or get run over!
So without further ado, WISDOM WEDNESDAY! (I am full of wisdom, you see)

WW1: Fix your children's teeth when they are young.
Okay, I am sick of having things in my mouth that aren't teeth. Here is the latest contraption I've been fitted with...
Yeah... the floating rubber band.
Why the little hissy fit, you might ask? Well, today I had an orthodontist appointment. I was under the impression I would be done with my trays today, but sadly, I am still plastic mouth. My tooth with the rubber band attached on the top just doesn't feel like cooperating and fitting the tray just right, so I guess this rubber band contraption is supposed to pull it down in the next two weeks. Blah. So until then I get to snap myself in the mouth and have people give me strange looks... well, actually, I love it when people give me strange looks :)
So really I don't care that much about this rubber band. BUT I am mad that I am supposed to get my senior pix in a month, and my teeth probably won't be done. Ugh. Oh well, the world probably won't stop turning.
Anyways, if people are reading this, I have one wise word. Fix your child's teeth before their senior year.
PS. Mom, I am speaking generally, NOT to you :)

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The Ball Babies said...

OOOOOkaaaaay, I guess I won't take offense. I've always thought your teeth looked pretty! Didn't think braces were needed, but I'm glad you're getting it done so you feel good about yourself! Plastic mouth and all!