Sunday, February 15, 2009

White Trash Bash

SO: This weekend I was planning on going to Idaho Falls. It didn't happen. So, instead I did the next best thing.. went to Taylor Goade's White Trash birthday party with Diana. Basically we looked REALLY good... especially since I just drive around a white trash truck anyways. :)
Those acid washed Wranglers my dad bought my mom all those years ago have DEFINITELY not lived in vain...
The party was good, but I had college friends in town. Which is better. Ha! (Just kidding.. I love you all nice and equally :) ) Especially the newly 18 year old Taylor.
Anyways, I digress. Rachael and David, two of my older friends, wanted to go to Merritt's, our favorite place to go get SCONED late at night, and probably the most white trash restaurant around! We figured, hey! We are already dressed for the part! Let's go get some sugar scones. So, we did.

On the way out there, and other times during the night, Diana kept telling me how HILARIOUS it would be if we got pulled over tonight- I told how NOT funny it would be, and then a peculiar thing happened. I was at a stop light no more than 2 minutes later, and upon the light turning green and my proceeding through the intersection, another set of lights turned on. They were behind me. And red and blue. WE WERE GETTING PULLED OVER! Yeah. I freaked out, pulled over to the side of the road, and my mind raced on what I had done wrong. Had I crossed the white line too far in the intersection? Did the cop see my put my seatbelt on too late? I couldn't think of anything. So, I sat there and unrolled my window as the cop came up.

Cop- "Is this your car?"
Me- "Yes!"
Cop- "Do you know your registration is expired as of 10/08? (My hopes rose a little.. it was my DAD'S fault! Not mine!! :D)
Me- "Uhh... no, I could have sworn my dad just got it done..."
Cop- "Can I get your license, registration, and proof of insurance?"
Me- "Yeah, sure..." (I frantically look for it while being completely embarrassed of the state of myself and Diana, and then remember that as part of Diana's costume, she had a Corona WATER bottle, but it still said CORONA and that was NOT going to look good.) I couldn't find my license, so I told Hailey and Diana to get out of the car so I could find my license. As this all was happening, I tried to explain to the officer that we had just been at a white trash birthday party... he didn't look too convinced... and proceeded to get the licenses of both Hailey and Diana- were we convicts now?! The girls got out of the car, and Diana told the other officer that it was a "non-drinking" party, and then proceeded to throw her bottle in the back. However, the other officer wanted to know why she'd just thrown a bottle behind the seat.. she showed it to him, and things were okay in THAT department!

Anyways, I finally found my license, and the cop went back to his car. I was just sitting there half laughing, half wanting to cry, and all around excited to tell this story to everyone back at Taylor's. While the cop was gone we decided to turn on the church CD I had to make us seem like good girls, but sadly, that didn't stop the cop from giving me a ticket. :( GOSH you'd think my dad could keep the registration dates straight on 3 cars! :)

So, that was adventure number 1. We proceeded to Merritt's, and thought hey, now we can be with our own kind! Yeah.. we couldn't have been more wrong. Saturday night BSU had played Utah State, and let's just say about 1/4 the USU student section turned and stared at us when we walked in the door. There was an abundance of Jaw dropping, gawking, and "we are definitely in Idaho" looks from them as we made our way to our table. Let's just say we got stared at ALL night. Especially "pregnant" Diana. Oh my gosh.. it was so funny.. In fact, the waitress even commented on her tramp stamp, asking her totally seriously if she played pool! What a night...

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