Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

While running today I was trying to think of something good to write about... and then I thought, hey! I've got some good wisdom to pass on about running. Outside, that is.
So, for today's Wisdom, I'd like to share my top reasons why running outside is so much better than running inside on the dreadmill.
1. You don't have to endure listening to the club blaring Janet Jackson. Sorry... but that doesn't really pump anyone up.
2. You NEVER get stuck on the treadmill facing the wall.
3. The stopwatch doesn't stare at you. (I swear the seconds are longer... 45 minutes HAS to be at least 47)
4. You can actually pass the sweaty guy who's perspirations is everywhere.. including on you.
5. Two words: Vitamin D
6. There's no recycled air to breathe. (And it doesn't stink at 4 PM, right Mom? :D)
7. Like the stopwatch, you don't have to watch your calorie count go 31, 32, 33, ...34,.....35
8. The sense of accomplishment is always better when you've run 5 miles and actually gone 5 miles!

On that note, Mom and I didn't get into Robie Creek. The race filled up in less than 1 hour. Yep, that is right, all 2000+ spots. Ridiculous. Bitter? Nah.

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