Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

WW3: Buy your kid Mario Kart.
I dare you.

Ever since Christmas Payton has been wanting nothing more than Mario Kart for WII, cuz evidentially the Super Smash Bros I picked out wasn't good enough. (Aren't they the same thing? Evidentially not.) Every few days he'd beg me or Mom to take him to the store so he could see if Hastings, Fred Meyer, Shopko, Radio Shack, ect had the game in yet, and since Christmas it's been to no avail. He is obsessed. And he didn't even have the game yet! Sometimes I'd come home from school to see him glued to the computer screen watching youtube clips of other kids playing the game, and he'd just sit there, mesmerized. Mom finally broke down and just ordered it online, and after the longest week of the kid's life, it came today. When Payton came home and realized salvation had come, he ran around the house yelling at the top of his little lungs, and then plopped right down to play... and speaking of which, I think his "hour" is up... but anyways, it's been great entertainment for me. But not because I enjoy Mario Kart; it's because I like listening to him cry. Ha- I don't think he's gotten a hang of it quite yet, and about every 2 minutes I hear whimpers or howls of frustration, most commonly a whiny, "OH Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" It's hilarious.
Know someone a little too mature? Buy them Mario Kart-- they'll instantly turn back into a baby.

And now I am off to do a little kartin' myself.

BREAKING NEWS: I went in there to see how it was going, and yes, he was teary, and yelling, "I USED TO BE GOOD, BUT NOW I SUCK!" Put that one in the book of quotes :)

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The Ball Babies said...

That is tooooo funny! Love it!