Monday, March 2, 2009

Love List

My mom posted a list of the things she loves, and tonight I figured I would be a good daughter and follow her lead. Here we go... the list of things that please Alyssa.

I love:
That Diana and Emily religiously read my blog.
Getting letters
Competent people who care about the world, and have a slight interest in others
Making money (and HOARDING it. Spending it is on the hate list)
Boise- Camel's Back at night, the North End, the Boise River, the Greenbelt, EVERYTHING.
Knowing where I am going to college
The paper chain that tells me how many more times I have to go to high school
When Lindsay makes cookies
Writing in my journal
Speaking Spanish and getting a whole phrase correct!
Semi-frozen raspberries
Realizing I have been spelling raspberries "rasberries" for the last 17 years...
Getting my hair trimmed and having it STRAIGHT across
Going to the dentist and getting my teeth cleaned
Straight teeth
KateSaunders... the fish in Kurt's locker.
Running outside when you feel good and your shuffle is GREAT
Going to Idaho Falls
Writing in my agenda and seeing a full schedule
The perfect pair of jeans (well.. I haven't found them yet, but I know I WOULD love them)
Pretending.... :)
Going out to eat with my parents
The HILARIOUS things that come out of Brother Hulme's mouth
Rico Suave... my bike
Playing Brick Breaker on my phone.. and beating Eric Roisum
Pictionary.. the board game
Sleeping outside
Being left handed and smearing pencil all over my paper
Cheap things... and free things
Chapstick. NOT lipgloss
Knowing the words to an ENTIRE song
Hearing the rain outside as you fall asleep
Peanut Butter
Reminiscing my childhood and the 90's
Good people.
Cuales cosas les gusta? <3


Diana Cook said...

[Upside down ?] Cuales me gustan?

Haha so i started typing out which ones i liked but then I realized that was the majority of them!!
Minus the part where you know where you're going to college cause i'm jealous haha...and i might just pull out a navaja on you [vocab word yeahhh]
And then i thought it was really funny that I was reading a list that said "you know you were born in the 90's when..." And then RIGHT after that I checked out your blog, and that was the second to last thing on your list.
Wow this is a long comment Ha.

The Ball Babies said...

I love reading your blog and running with you on the weekend. Smile!