Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1st

Winter is over.
I don't care if the groundhog saw his shadow!
I'm sure he was simply just tired, you know, wanted to sleep a little longer. But now he is awake... and ready for spring.
But I digress. It's March, and that means so many good things. For one, it means I graduate in 3 MONTHS. Yep, I shall be a free bird 3 months from today.
Kinda frightening. But good.
Which leads me to another topic... called I decided where I am going to school next year. The verdict is... (drum roll) BYU. I didn't get the Ambassador Scholarship from Utah State, and I told myself that would be the deciding factor. It's really nice knowing what will go on next year, and I have actually started dreaming about it. Well, actually I dreamed I was in Utah NEAR BYU. But it looked like Disneyland, and so I don't know how those two are connecting? Haha interesting. Anyways, things are just going REALLY fast now. Like I apply for housing on Saturday at 8 AM sharp. And I am praying that it doesn't turn out like Robie Creek. (I'm not bitter, I'm not bitter, I'm not bitter...)
What about Robie Creek, you might ask? Well, we're still training and hoping we can get some numbers! I just am praying that my death runs to the tops of remote hills with Krisatron (my mother's Transformer name... I swear she is a machine) are not in vain. If they are, however, I guess I will just be ready for track! Which, by the way, started on Friday. We'll see how that goes... Usually track is a pretty good time. Maybe this year I'll retire the spikes I've had since 7th grade (no lie) and splurge on some new ones. Hmmm.. who knows.
And I'd say that is a long enough "string-of-beads" for tonight :)

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