Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Missionary Moment

So I got Diana this great shirt at the BYU Art Museum. She loves it so much she sent me this grand picture of her sporting it! And boy will she be happy to see her face on my blog. Haha
And this bus ride is long.


Aly G said...

Is she going to BYU with you? She looks pretty excited to be sporting it! It was good to see ya.

The Ball Babies said...

Oh, Alyssa, what a good friend you are! And Diana, what a good sport you are! Be sure to wear that number when you're at Univ. of Az!

Diana [hearts Boys Yodeling Upside] Cook said...

I can't believe you put this picture up, ugh! Hahaha. Especially since usually i take like 12372189 pictures before i find the one i like, but this was the FIRST one and during class so i had to do it quickly lol.
Haha and no worries, I am FOR SURE gonna wear it in college! Everyone will be jealous :]]

Diana said... was suppose to say Upside-down...duh. Ha