Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

Okay- it's 12:11 on Wednesday morning, and I felt like I had to post a WW this early/late on Tuesday because tomorrow I am California bound with choir with no computer access until Sunday.
BUT WAIT PEOPLE! Don't worry. Because if you've read my last post, you'll see that I figured out how to blog straight from my Blackberry! And that baby will definitely be with me at all times. Here we go. My brain cells have been pumpin' all day for this one. Kinda.
Twitter? So you don't know what it is, eh? Well, either you can totally blow off the rest of this post and go to and figure it out yourself, or you can stick with me.
Twitter is the site where you simply answer one question. "What are you doing?"
From there you network with a bunch of friends- Obama is one of mine- and you can receive as many or as as few updates on what your friends are doing as you'd like. They're sent straight to your phone, or you can just look at them on your twitter page. Whatever floats your boat!
At first I thought Twitter was kinda dumb. And hey, I came to one conclusion. It is. BUT- it's fun. You can text Twitter whatever random thoughts you'd like, and oh! Hey! Look over here! ----------------->>
I've even linked my updates to my blog! Tricky, I know.
So, this week I really hope my wisdom rubs off on ya'll. Basically this is for selfish reasons, but whatever. I need more friends on Twitter, for man can not live on updates by my one Twitter pal, Anna Thorn, alone! So, do it. Sign up. Find me. lyssie_lou.
So easy a caveman could do it.


Diana said...

Do you have to pay for twitter or is it like chacha where they text you for free?

Alyssa Ball said...