Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Prom 2009

This prom was a good one! The day started when we all went to breakfast in the morning. All the guys thought it would be fun to kidnap their dates for breakfast, and since Diana's and my dates didn't know the plan we decided to kidnap THEM. Well, that morning we picked up Diana's date first, and then were going to be late for eating, so we decided to call my date, Skyler to tell him to be ready when we got there.
He was out in Eagle at a basketball game.
So, I had an invisible breakfast date! But oh, those strawberry pancakes were grand with or without Skyler! ... and I succeeded in spilling water all over Madison Mangum. Sorry buddy :)
After breakfast we went home to get ready, and at 4:30 the night began!
So here we go! A photographic journey through Prom 2009... be excited.oh look! It's me in my dress! This number was my cousin, Lexi's.. so that meant FREE for me. I spent 9 bucks on prom wear.. a pair of earrings. It was GREAT.Some pics of the family for good measure....These two boys are some of the best in the WORLD. Skyler is on the left, and my date. David is on the right, Diana's date. This year Diana and I decided it would be fun to go to prom with boys OLDER and more MATURE, so we went with our college friends. (Not to mention we didn't get asked by anyone in high school ... :) )
All of the girls in our group...A hilarious picture of Madison Mangum in the white tux...
More girls.. we're fab, don't you think? :)
Me and Diana taking a picture in the PF Changs bathroom for good measure. We ate there, and food was gooood.
Me and CloeyDiana, Kenny Hughes, and myself.
My favorite couples.. man we coordinated well, don't ya think?Some attitudeSky and meHailey Clements and meUs at the dance..Some of us at 5:30 AM. We'd been partying hard all night, and went promptly to sleep after this was taken :) ... until about 8 AM that is.

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The Ball Babies said...

I love it! So glad you had a good time this year. Skyler is a good sport to go back to high school for you!