Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

Today it's simple.

So today was definitely not my day. Work was.. well, I don't know what was even going on. In the span of three hours I managed to clean out a machine, only to succeed in spilling half the yogurt I'd just put into it, mop the floor with no soap in the water, and be the butt of ALL of Austin's jokes. The whole time I was just saying, "Alyssa! Breathe! Breathe!" Man was I glad to get out of there when the clock hit 10:30.
And so that is my little story, and now that I am comfortably sitting my chair, eating Cheetos and drinking Crystal Light, things don't seem so hellish. Bring on TOMORROW.

And today Eric left for his mission. One of the best parts of Idaho Falls will now be in Argentina! He's gonna do an awesome job there, though. I know it. Convert the Hell out of them, Elder Roisum :) See you in 729 days! ... and no, I will not make a paper chain for this one.

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