Thursday, April 9, 2009


Okay folks, bring on the Hallelujah Chorus!
I finished my senior paper rewrite, and it was only 2 weeks late! :)
Who knows what even motivated me to do it.
Maybe it was the ultra taco salad I made myself for dinner.
so good.

or maybe the magestic & motivation inducing qualities of the Ruby Red Grapefruit Crystal Light I was introduced to in Utah and currently drink by the gallon.

Or perhaps it was the "HYRDO-DERMA" Bed at Planet Beach today with Anna Larsen... our favorite place for 12 days of free tanning, spa, ect. I'm pitiful, I know. But it's free!

But whatever it was... ahh man I'm glad it helped me out. I hope the week is going nicely.
A shout out to the readers..
Good luck on your finals, Emily.
I hope tanning is going swell, Diana.
I'll twitter you, Anna Thorn.
We'll find another road trip since Idaho Falls was foiled, Britni.
The end.

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