Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

WW10- JOIN CHOIR. (Your 2nd semester of your senior year, that is!)
When I picked my schedule for senior year, I didn't have any intentions of taking choir.. in fact that was the LAST class I really ever thought I'd take. The last time I'd taken choir was in 5th grade... pretty sure That scared me away, and I filled my days making fun of choir kids.
Until I found out they were going to Disneyland.
Yes, that's right! Right when I heard the D word, I knew I had to fanangle my way into choir. Granted, I had an opening since Student Council fell through, though. So, on Apr 1-5 we departed for California! Our first day was spent driving probably about 10 hours. Not that much fun. At all. Plus, right when we left we made a pit stop at Vallivue High School, only a half hour away from Boise, and had to sing there for about 3 hours first. I definitely had NOT planned on that! We finally reached our destination however, Sacramento, and crashed at our hotel.
The next day was Thursday. We got up early, had a sub-mediocre continental breakfast, and then headed out to the University of the Pacific.

We sang here, in this pretty sweet church. The acoustics were superb! .. and let me tell you, since my 4 months in choir I know allll about acoustics. :) After this we just kept driving to another place in Cali, I really have no idea where, and there we sang with my choir teacher's brother's choir. If that makes any sense! After that, we drove more to this place called, John's Incredible Pizza. How incredible it was! :) Basically the place was like a Chuck E. Cheese for adults..

Here's me and Cameron in front of JIP. It was just so incredible! Man, I just remember how terrible I am at arcade games though.. as the picture shows, I had like 6 tickets compared to Britni's 50+!
On Friday morning it was our very last time to sing. We went to University of California in Bakersfield.. I think.. and sang there. Then we went to Centennial High School and sang for the choir class there. Oh to go to school in Cali! Everyone was so tan.. and the parking lot was looking like a Mercedez-Benz dealership!
After that we went to Venice Beach. Oh my gosh! Such a nifty place! We first went in the water...

Then, we made our way to the shops on the beach.. man we saw some of the BEST people..

The first guy rode around on roller blades singing and playing the electric guitar.. not well might I add.. The 2nd guy was just painted gold and wanted you to pay him to move. The mural was just great.. I love pretending to be an alcoholic. :)

The rest of these pictures are just glimpses of the beach.. the trailers in the 2nd pic were painted with murals all over, and these little kids above were eating cereal off the sidewalk.

This video is for Kourtni... basically she wanted me to take a picture of some "Real Life Gangsters", or just RLG's as Brit and I called them, but I thought a vid would be even better!
After Venice Beach we drove to LA. Oh the LA traffic.. glad I don't live there. It was horrendous! However, I kinda enjoyed the drive- seeing all the sights, people, and palm trees! My favorite sight besides the Pacific Ocean was Hollywood sign- I thought that was pretty nifty!
When we got to our hotel that night, we only had a few hours to get ready before dinner. Friday night was spent at Medieval Times- a dinner and show place where you eat Medieval food with your hands and watch jousting and other medieval sports.
Plus you get these nifty crowns :) Oh, and this was our knight. HE WON! Go RED! Man.. from the moment I saw that bald knight I knew he would be the winner.. and what do you know. He was!

Saturday was the day we had all been waiting for... DISNEYLAND! Yes. It was as fun as it sounds!
Here is Brit, Myself, and Cam before the Tower Of Terror

And on the Tower

What else to say about Disneyland? We went to all the good rides, and even though it was packed, one of our friends basically grew up in Disneyland, so she knew all the ins and outs of the park. Our experience, complete with fast passes and a friend in a wheel chair to get us to the front of the line, was grand!

Here we are taking a nice pic of us in some hats at Pooh's house

And here is Britni and I eating our 4 dollar chocolate banana and 4 dollar frozen lemonade. I spent 40 bucks in food at Disneyland.. not only is it the happiest place on earth, it's also the most EXPENSIVE!
Our day of fun ended at 10 PM after the fireworks, when we were all herded onto the buses for our departure back to Boise. We drove all night long, and I had the pleasure of sleeping on the nice dirty bus floor. Twas grand. Especially when we all woke up suddenly to our bus slamming on the breaks trying to miss hitting a car at 3:45 AM. The driver was CRAZY. He was definitely the only downside of the trip... okay, in addition to us driving forever and 4 days. In fact, someone told me that over the course of our trip we'd driven enough miles to equal the span of the US. Golly!
On Sunday we returned to Boise around 3:30. Oh, I was so glad to be home, sleeping in my own bed, and having my mom cook food!
So, that's my long winded wisdom for today.
Join Choir. If you've got a super incentive to go to DLAND or somewhere else equivalent.

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