Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

WW12- Wear Comfortable Clothing to 3 Hour Awards Banquets
Tonight was the "Rotary Century Scholars Banquet"
What a mouthful.
The whole dinner/banquet was commemorating the top 100 students from the Boise School District, and let me tell you... I've never seen so many nerds in one place before! :) The dinner was good- I ate ravioli while everyone else ate yucky looking chicken. Ohh the joys of vegetarianism!
There were a couple speakers, and then the majority of the time was spent clapping for all 100 Rotary Scholars and their "Significant Educator"My teacher of choice was Karen Moss, my government teacher. She is the best.. so funny! She bought me a bike helmet for Christmas.. I love her! Anyways, I say wear comfortable clothes because my skirt was not 3-hours-of-sitting comfortable. However, I endured.
Here's a video of me getting my award.. wooh! Ha and you can go here to see my info page in the Idaho Statesman if it so pleases you.

Take a look at THIS hunk of gold! Hah.. the fact that I got a medal kind of killed me. :)
Awww my loving parents who come out to support me.. I commend them for sitting through the ceremony with no bathroom breaks :)


The Ball Babies said...

I loved Wednesday evening! I definitely thought it would go by slower - especially when you think about 100 students parading across the stage with a teacher, but it was very nice. I enjoyed myself and enjoyed watching you cross the stage, eat my brownie, and try to sneak a text or two in...naughty, naughty!

Love you!

Aly G said...

Looks like fun! Even if your skirt wasn't comfy, hey you looked cute right?! Congrats! You should be proud of yourself. :) p.s. what cute parents you have they look sooo young!

Anonymous said...

Alyssa, you may have thought you were in a room with hundreds of nerds but I thought it was fantastic! I was so proud to be a father of a student that has worked so hard throughout her high school years. It is truly amazing to me that you have been able to work part time, be involved in a lot of different activities in school, be a wonderful daughter,and still pull the kind of grades you have all these years. You should be very happy earning a rotary scholar award. You Mother and I sure are happy with you. Congratulations!

Love Dad

Lindsay Lou said...

I like how you're wearing my skirt.