Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

So today I was able to breathe for the first time.
No more of the heavy, saturated AP Stress stuff, but weightless nothing. AP tests are done- it's so good. However, as good as it is now, I have some cautionary words.
WW13- You Can't Handle 2 AP Tests In One Day
A few months ago when I saw that both Spanish and Statistics tests were on May 5th, my stomach turned a little bit. One test a day is hard enough, and 8 hours of testing in one day didn't seem like much of a treat. However, because I can't tell myself "no" like I should, I signed up and prepared. I even tried listening to Spanish podcasts as I fell asleep at night, but I think all that did was hurt my ears and give me nightmares. (I had a nightmare about having to get knee surgery- the doctor was going to have to break my leg twice, then then I wouldn't be able to walk. Yep, my subconscious knew I had something terrible to do the next day, couldn't remember it, and instead likened AP testing to having my legs broken. How great and accurate!)
On Tuesday I took Spanish first, and after listening sections, reading sections, synthesis essays, letters, simulated conversations, and informal speaking presentations, I'd finished one test!! After this I went straight to Statistics, and it was borderline impossible. I had to restrain myself a few times for just getting up and walking out, and then had to stop myself from just drawing nice pictures in the margins of my free response sheet. It was great! I'm so glad it is all over.
Anyways, so as ridiculous as yesterday was, today was great! Now school is basically over, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Now every senior class is basically "Cinematic Studies". We watched movies in 3 out of 3 classes. Can things get any better? I submit that they cannot. :)

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