Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Latest Musings..

Mother's Day is never complete without the inevitable instruction from my mother after church to "keep your clothes on! We're taking a picture!" (or 12)It was a good mother's day.. well, at least I think so, even though I don't know if I am quite qualified to say that. We made dinner- I ALMOST ruined the rice- showered Mom with gifts (like always, of course) and went on a nice bike ride. Oh, I bet people get a good laugh when they drive by us all, a line of cruisers of every color of the rainbow, racing along the side of the road. It's fun though- especially the part when Mom's blood pressure spikes and she pleads with Payton to ride just a little bit slower. I love you Mom!

The most recent musing happened this weekend.
Ever wondered what the the end of the greenbelt in Boise looks like?
Like this! On Friday Emily and I went on a greenbelt journey. About 20 miles round trip past Garden City to the gravel at then end of the path I love. The best part about the above picture is the fact that to get it we perched my camera sideways on a tree branch, hanging by the strap, and then used the self timer for good measure. That 's why it looks so nice and crooked.. the branch wouldn't hold it straight. Oh artistry. After finding the end of the path, Emily and I continued to wander through a plethora of landscapes.. the path was jungly, then prairie-y and then toothpick foresty. We both concluded that we wished we would have known about this place when we were little. Haha and it's a good thing Emily is home now, because I don't know of anyone else who would want to go do something like this with me.. I think it is a good preface to summer? :)

And I'm still looking for another job. Anyone got any good ideas??

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The Ball Babies said...

thanks for the nice words, lyss! i love you, too! i'm glad you have actually downloaded some pictures since i have been sooooo bad about that lately! you keep going, girl.