Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

Seeing as I haven't posted for a few Wednesdays, I guess I should begin again. However, I really have NOT been feeling too full of any kind of wisdom. In fact, someone should give me their wisdom on what to do with myself during alllllll my free time this summer. I feel like I'm just wasting time and have only suceeded in ONE cool thing thus far. So, without further ado, my sub par
WW16- Embark On A Day Road Trip!
It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. Diana and I were riding out bikes, the breeze was blowing, and State Soccer was happening in Pocatello. To make a long story short, we decided it would be fun to go to watch our friend, Kurt, and Diana's friend, Marco, play on a totally wild hair. After begging our parents (Dad said yes, Mom whimpered, Diana's Mom yelled and finally said, "do what you want!".. I don't think she really wanted Diana to "do what she wanted". But she did anyways.)
So here is the story of our day trip to Pocatello starting at 5:30 AM and ending at 11:30 PM.
Here we are taking off... We were so excited! Both teams were playing at 8, so we knew we'd miss part of the games, but thought it was alright.. soccer games are long, right? We were really excited for our small adventure... if you can't tell by our documentation of the FIRST bug splat.
The drive was great- we sang, talked, ate, and everything was going well... until about, oh Rupert. I hadn't gotten any gas when we'd left Boise, figuring I'd just get some later. As we were crusing along a long and vacant stretch of highway I looked down to see we were close to empty. And then the gas light came on. I freaked out. My mind raced and jumped to horrible conclusions. I could just see Diana and I stranded on the side of the road, calling my Dad, walking the rest of the way to Pocatello, collapsing from heat stroke as we walked to Pokey, dying... you get the idea. Should I turn around or keep driving and hope we'd hit a gas station? I expressed my fear to Diana very colorfully and loudly. It was then that I turned my head to see a sign on the other side of the freeway telling me Burley was 16 miles back- without hesitation my rebel came out as I broke the law and went over the "emergency only vehicles" median road. I was still freaked out we wouldn't make it, but thankfully we found a gas station. It is an understatement to say that we were pretty excited.
We filled up on gas, and then it was back to the wide open road. We kept driving, and 3 hours later we were in Pocatello... and lost. Completely. Maybe it's mapquest's fault, or maybe it was me not knowing right from left. I guess we'll never know. All I know is that we drove around in circles for about an hour, as I dodged Diana's admant requests that I go to the trailer park over "there" and ask the guy outside for directions. As tempting as that was, I decided I'd rather be lost and alive! :) As we battled one way streets, a little bit of hopelessness on our parts, and closed roads, the
soccer game pressed onward, and we ended up missing it... but we finally stumbled into the complex as the teams were walking off the field. Just our luck! There was good and bad news. The good news was that we found Kurt and Marco, Diana's friend! The bad news? They'd both lost. The even worse news? They weren't playing again. The ironic news? Turns out the two teams would
have played each other in consolation, but since they both lost, neither team wanted to play. We were stranded in Pocatello, ID and it was 10 AM. Some people would panic- not us! We had a bigger and better Plan B- my 2nd favorite town in all of Idaho! Idaho Falls. Without a 2nd thought we got back on the freeway and continued on for a surprise visit to my friends and family in IF. But not before taking another stop at Dad's Truck Stop to take a picture on our friend the Sinclair Dinosaur. I guess the self timer didn't think our heads were all that important.
When we got to IF, we first visited my aunt, Julie. Boy was she surprised to see us! Then we visited some of my other friends and my grandma. From there, we visited my cousin, Lexi, at work, and then met up with Diana's friends, Albert and Marco. They were awesome. Maybe I think this because they fulfilled my biggest Idaho Falls dream. To see the windmills. If you've been to IF you've probably seem them from a distance, a dozen large windmills up on a hill. Every time I go there I tell everyone we should go, and we never do. May 26th was different! When I told my posse we needed to see the windmills they agreed and we were all there in a matter of minutes. It was great. They are HUGE!
As you can see, Diana and I shared some of our jumping skills with our new friends. They got a hang of it nicely. Oh, and notice the windmills in the background and Diana's skills, especially.
It was definitely a good time all around!
After hanging out with Diana's friends, we met back up with my friends at Blacktail Reservoir for a freezing boating adventure. I didn't get in, but some of my friends did... sadly I was too cold to remember to take pictures. It was fun, but all good things must end... especially when it's 6 PM and you've got a 4 hour drive ahead of you to complete before midnight. Oh boy.
Actually the drive didn't go too badly, and we ended up pulling in around 11:30. It was definitely a good day road trip, and something I will definitely remember for a long time. So that is my wisdom to you. Be sporadic. Take a day road trip. Drive over 650 miles in one day. It's totally worth it.

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Diana said...

Definitely the best road trip i will ever take in my whole entire life!! Haha
And random, but i love the huge picture of yourself at the top of your artsy and fancy & professional lookin ha