Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

We just got back from Utah. Because my mom got some deal for Lagoon tickets and a hotel room for a good price in the mail, we embarked for a four day journey starting last Sunday and ending a few hours ago. The trip was fun, but the part I'd like to impart wisdom about today has to deal with the accommodations we had the first night at the oh so chic Hilton Garden in.
WW18- The Wonders Of Wi-Fi Internet
Okay, it's true the Balls live in the Stone Age- we live off ONE ethernet internet port. When I use my computer I simply unhook the internet from our family computer and transfer it to my laptop, which kinda defeats the point, but it works. Well, evidently we've been deprived, because the first thing we did after stepping into the room was connect to the Wi Fi. Here is the picture to prove my point.

PICTURED: Payton on the PSP and Lindsay on the iTouch. NOT PICTURED: Me spending 4 hours on my computer that night, only stopping to eat more pizza and plug it in when the charge failed me. Pitiful, nah.... we were just a little vegetative. But hey! That's why it's called VACATION, right?

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