Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

I am a 2+ year vegetarian.
NO- I am not doing it for the animals
NO- I do not become squeamish when they're eaten
YES- I don't like meat all that much.
When I first break it to people that I don't devour cows, pigs, chickens, hot dog animals, and the like on a daily basis, most get all big eyed and almost frightened looking. And, with a typical furrow of the brow, the interrogator will always ask the burning question,
"but, what do you eat?"
I'm glad you asked.
WW21- GARDENBURGER. It's what's for dinner.
I used to not be all hip on eating it, however this summer there has seem to be a rebirth inside of me, and all of a sudden, this heaven sent bit is all I want to eat. It is just that delicious! Ask my parents- I think they like them, too. It was definitely a landmark of a day when I came to the dinner table and found that we were eating the cheese/soy/rice/veggie patties for dinner. My father, the king of all things steak, can stomach them, and that in itself speaks for the tastiness, in my opinion. So, that is my word. Go to the grocery store and pick up some gardenburger- all the varieties are good. They're next to the tofurky. :)

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The Ball Babies said...

I'm a definite believer/eater/devourer/lover of the garden burger. I've gone over to the lighter side!