Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

This whole week has just been a great big busy blur due to the fact that I had to pack up everything I owned and move to Utah today- yep, I no longer live in Boise, ID... how weird is that? As of now I am living with my grandma- the best hostess ever- for the remainder of the summer, and then it is off to BYU. Woooh I am getting closer and closer to the edge of this cliff. It's kind of exciting.
Here is a little recap of the week...
which started with me taking down my entire room. If you've never seen it before, this is THE picture wall. It basically bore record of ever single fun thing I have done in the last 6 years. With that said, I am sure you can infer as to how much time it took to take down. Can you say about 5 hours total? Yeah.
and this is all the tape that was on back of all the pictures.
 however, don't feel too bad for me- I had some slaves- er, sisters, who just jumped at the chance to help me pack up all my stuff :)
The rest of the week was spent celebrating going aways with my best friends, as we are here, eating pizza and enduring the heat at Lucky 13.
Diana and I also made these great shirts for eachother which read, "someone in AZ (or UT) loves me!" Yeah... Diana went all out for mine, and I LOVE it. Who knew a paint penned cactus could be so stylish?! It is no exaggeration for me to say that I have been wearing it since she gave it to me... and it's a mystery to me as to when I will actually peel it off. :) If I had no sense for hygiene I would keep it on until Christmas- the next time I get to see my favorite girl, ever. Oh man- that is definitely the hardest part of leaving for college- knowing I won't be seeing my best friend for about 5 months. This is about the time I get on my soapbox about how grateful I am for twitter, facebook, skype, cell phones, blogs, and basically telekinesis. Speaking of blogs, I believe she was supposed to START A BLOG today. (I am still waiting for the link, woman!)
So, you may be wondering where my wisdom is. The truth? My life as of now, well, for the next month, is a big one of these
The current theme of my thoughts seems to be a broken record playing, "so, now what?" Your wisdom and comments would be much appreciated.

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Miss you bunches already...