Thursday, October 29, 2009

bad news- it is officially freezing here in Happy Valley. Today I sported the sweatshirt AND the winter coat.
neutral news-I register on Sunday night meaning I have some serious schedule jitters. Spanish 206, BOM, Art History 202, Chem 101, and Essentials of Human Nutrition 100 is the plan. And I won't have class before 1 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. (but plan on working 10-1 every day) I don't know what to think about all this.

good news- I did some of the reading I told myself I would finish... yesterday. Looks like I have a date with the Law tonight.

better news- I spent Sociology finding more cooking blogs.... this one and this one are good. I want to cook everything.

best news- tomorrow is FRIDAY. & it is dinner time.

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Diana Cook said...

I like.
Okay so a little sidenote, I was looking at your blog during my MIS class, didn't realize you had mac was on full blast...i was sitting front row in the very teacher was about two feet away? NOT COOL
Anyway, today i baked muffins at the ronald mcdonald house and cooked eggs too. I forgot how much i enjoyed doing stuff like that! And washing dishes by hand?? It was a rush.
I can not wait til i am able to cook my own meals on a regular basis again. And PLUS i miss my mom's tortillas cause even tho i live so close to the border, i am stuck inside the prison called the u of a campus and even though tucson is 500,000 people and has lots of malls/outings/places, i can't go to any of them. UGH
anddddd guess what, it's gonna be a high of 90 all week next week. Seriously? I don't even understand how this is possible. Haha okay so this is a long little comment but i dont' care that i am rambling on. love youuuu!