Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maybe One O'Clock Church Isn't Such A Bad Thing...

It gives me time to explore.
Maybe I am just a true Provo Newbie, but I experienced Rock Canyon for the first time this morning.
Why hasn't anyone ever let me in on the absolute splendor of this place?

This morning I was feeling a little bit restless and like I'd eaten one too many cookies the day before, so I pulled out my hoodie, turned on my iPod, and set off in the direction of the temple. My feet did their own thing, and the next thing I knew I was two inches tall compared to the towering cliffs of Rock Canyon. It seems I am experiencing the most in Provo by myself, and I probably looked pretty ridiculous standing in the Canyon grinning like an idiot. I've come to the conclusion that there are few times in a day when both your face and heart smile genuinely. Seeing the leaves fall, feeling the brisk morning air grazing my face, and hearing the crunch of the gravel under my feet are the things that made me feel so good- I am just kicking myself for not taking my camera with me... And I am hoping that the leaves will stick around another week so we can do a photoshoot next Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed!


The Ball Babies said...

Do you think there are leaves underneath the snow that fell on Provo? (You did get snow didn't you?) I am sad when the leaves all go away. Glad you had a good hike. Did you tell anyone where you were going? Just wonderin! Just wonderin! :)

Diana Cook said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I want to see these "leaves" and "trees" that seem to be non existent in this land I live in.