Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

there are fewer things I like more in this life that sweats.
there are even fewer things I like more than cheap stuff.
That is why when I went to DI the other day looking for a Halloween costume and found a pair of 4 dollar Diadora soccer sweats, I almost died right there somewhere between the racks of women's maternity and sportswear.
Since that fateful moment, I have worn them at every chance. Oh, and did I mention that everyone is jealous? I mean, who knows? Beckham could have sweated in these bad boys!
And to think I was sitting in American Heritage the other day, online shopping, of course, and wrestling with myself over a pair of 60 dollar Asics running sweats. If there's one thing I have learned, it's that you should always Thrift First- WW33


The Ball Babies said...

Sweeeet! Glad you are a smart shopper! Enjoy making everyone jealous...

Lindsay Lou said...

I'm jealous! I need new sweats and mom and I are going to the DI today to find parts of my halloween costume. I think I'll just be the miss USA lady or whatever. See yo at Thanksgiving?