Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Today I miss everything Boise.

Ok I am ready to come home- I like this college thing, but it's time for a break. I want to go eat at Lucky 13, take a long run on the greenbelt over the Friendship bridge with my mom, get White Chocolate Mousse and Reeses from TCBY, and ride my cruiser. I miss him. I want to drive my little pick up on Amity and see downtown in the distance. I want a back massage. I want to hear Griffey bark. I want to ride the motorcycle with my dad. I want to laugh with Lindsay, laugh at Kourtni, and beat up Payton. I want to hear the squeaky pantry door. I want to smell my own house.
To cope with my loneliness I made Sunday dinner for lunch. Potatoes, peas, and rolls from Grandma's on Sunday... it wasn't as good as Mom's. Yet, I am full and thinking about paper chain-ing the days away til Thanksgiving.
... and with that little soul leak I think I should go do my homework.


The Ball Babies said...

It's a date. You and I will totally run down the greenbelt to the Friendship Bridge! I'm looking forward to you coming home. Especially the early morning shopping the day after Thanksgiving! Let the countdown begin!

The Ball Babies said...

Ooooh I like that blog! We miss you too and can't wait to have you home in Boise. Hang tough. Love Dad.

Lindsay Lou said...

I MISS YOU TOO! I can't wait till you come home. And see the cat! Haha