Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

First off, I hate the BYU Creamery. Hear me out.
1. Dental Floss is either 1.99 for the gritty generic brand or 4.99. Ummm... we're college students, people!
2. Produce sucks. I don't think fruit flies hovering over the peaches is a good sign
3. They run out of cinnamon. What kind of a grocery store runs out of cinnamon?
WW31- Pumpkin Cookies
The inspiration for this post comes from the latter of my list. Why was I looking for cinnamon? Well, continuing with the October theme from last post, I have had the urge to make something pumpkin for the last week. Living with my own kitchen has made me domestic, and once it got cold that is all I've wanted to make! Anyways, last Saturday night I go down to the Creamery to buy the ingredients, and what do you know- they've got all the paprika you could ever want to own, but no cinnamon. This little setback forced me to wait an entire weekend before I could make my cookies. Good thing Sam's mom made us all sorts of good food for our Conference party, or who knows if I would have survived. Anyways, I finally made it to the store, got my cinnamon, and the cookies are made. And they're delicious. I urge you to make some.

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Lindsay Lou said...

Oh now I want some! Do you need cinnamon in pumpkin cookies though?