Friday, October 2, 2009


On Tuesday night I made Steven and Corey study outside with me, because I knew it would be last night we could comfortably sit outside without freezing.
On Wednesday morning I woke up to cold and rain. (and proceeded to go out in no jacket and forget my apartment key. It was a wet walk to the ESC, but Broccoli and Cheddar soup at the MOA with Emily at the end of classes made it all better)
I have a sound intuition.
I forgot what it feels like to have your legs be cold through you jeans, but I'm remembering how nice it feels to run in the autumn air.
Me and Corey discussed it- October is basically the best month. Plus winter clothes rock.
You all should see how pretty the mountains here in Utah look, and the other night when Shane, Parker, Logan, Corey, and I drove to Park City, I could barely contain my excitement for the changing leaves and pretty colors of the Canyon.
I'm thinking Conference Weekend = pumpkin break making
and TGIF. seriously


Lindsay Lou said...

I like October too. Mostly because of halloween and getting to wear my jeans and long sleeve shirts. I miss you Lyss.

Diana Cook said...

Way to go woman, i didn't know it was possible but with your powerful words and the way you freaking write your made me jealous and made me WISH i was having cold weather RIGHT NOW. Not even kidding Haha