Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bottled Euphoria

i could give Jamba Juice a run for their money with the obscenely delicious concoction I made out of yogurt, way too ripe bananas, raspberries, and my roommates strawberries. (that will be our little secret)
what makes it even better? I discovered "Peaceful Holidays" channel on Pandora. I've been raised on the "bah-on-Christmas-before-Tgiving-humbug" so I was a little apprehensive to pull out the Christmas music quite yet... but "Peaceful Holidays" doesn't have Christmas in the title. And it's instrumental.

have I ever told you how good it feels to be completely done with everything I need to do for the weekend, plus have that weekend last 5 days? Really, really good.

and now I've got 17 hours to kill before I can go home for 48 hours. sigh. I guess it's better than 47?

and hold the pumpkin pie, Mom. Through my blogging travails, I've stumbled upon this morsel. It's begging to be baked on Thanksgiving. So excited.

1 comment:

Lindsay Lou said...

Eeww, I don't want that. I don't like anything apple and I want pumpkin pie.