Tuesday, November 17, 2009


sitting in some corner of this labyrinth of a library listening to classical music.
I wish I knew who the composers were so I could find some good classics to listen to... I like it! But alas, no lyrics for me to google :(
and I am owning on my American Heritage paper. The role of agency on American's Founding?
Child's play.
Only editing this paper and a Spanish test stand between me and Boise. (and 7 days.)
With that it is time for me to go run home and finish cleaning for cleaning check, go to Spanish review, go to Basketball clean up and curse all attendees for their messes, do homework, and find some space in there to breathe.

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Diana Cook said...

Classical music????
Want to know what's so hilarious about that? Yesterday when I was in the basement trying to study, these kids were talking soooo loud and i was like, ugh i'm gonna have to put headphones in, even tho i don't like listening to music when i'm trying to memorize stuff cause i get distracted. But then when I was on pandora, I was like hmmm...let's try something calming and relaxing...and so i started listening to classical music! just yesterday!! Ha and then today while studying i listened to it as well.
i like it ha.