Tuesday, December 8, 2009


is the name of the Western Family cold medicine I've been hydrating myself with the last two days.
Like in the famous words of Corey Crellin, "You know you're a college student when Western Family becomes your family"
I miss breathing out of my nose/ I've probably forgotten how. I'll be breathing like Darth Vader forever, I fear.
I've said it once and I'll say it again
... can I come home now?
I'm wearing my obnoxiously orange BSU shirt- that is my homage to my hometown.
Finals are next week. I am feeling so... apathetic towards all these tests.. is that wrong? Today I was pleasantly surprised with a "Finals Survival Kit" from BYU/funded by my mother. I am going to use the mug I got right now. That's right, I am going to rip right into the plastic wrap, not wash it, and make myself a large hot choc. Blissful.
On a different note, however, I am kind of liking the snow we've accumulated here in Utah County. It makes everything prettier, and I get a weird sense of happiness when I get to kick my feet through it.
However, if it hinders my ability to get back to the 208, I will not be too happy.
10 days. 240 hours. 14000 minutes. I can do this

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The Ball Babies said...

Yes, you can! Hang in there, girl!