Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

Right now I am sitting in a very clean room within a very clean apartment.
Why so clean? We've got cleaning check in t minus 31 minutes, that is why.
It is so nice to have this place clean for once and smell like Pinesol and not microwaved hamburger meat. Trust me.
Not only did I have the pleasure of cleaning our apartment today, but I also had the opportunity to go to work and do my favorite thing ever- clean concession stands. (not.)
WW40- Don't wear your warmest, newest boots to work when you get to clean concession stands. There WILL be a huge spill of Sprite syrup, and you WILL get it all over yourself.
Yeah, don't really need to expound on that much... besides maybe telling you the fact that I scrubbed gummy Sprite off the floor for a good hour and a half to no avail today. It was such a treat!
... are boots washing machine safe..?

1 comment:

The Ball Babies said...

What kind of boots did you get? Uggs are definitely NOT washer safe...haha. Maybe a spot clean?