Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have no idea what is going on in BOM right now because I'm addicted to this.
Can I be her, please? (sans the children and short hair)

anyways, I need to say someting. I've been mulling over my thoughts the last couple days, and I have decided to take the plunge. The best way to work towards a goal is to make it public, and even though it seems pretty trivial, here it is.
I have become addicted to facebook, and I have got to get my habit under control. It seems every time I get on the internet my fingers have been conditioned to type the URL, and there is something quite unsettling about that... so here it is- I set no new years resolutions, but I've got a February 18th goal: facebook once a day. I can get on, check the comings and goings of the random 450+ "friends" I've got (because evidentally I care that (insert name) is going to the mall, or that (insert name) posted new pictures from Mardi Gras)?) and then I have to get off. The addiction ends today! haha
Ready, set, go.


Angie said...

the link didn't work
maybe it's

Alyssa Ball said...

hey thanks!

The Ball Babies said...

Hey, trainer momma was supposed to be our little secret! heehee