Friday, March 26, 2010

birthday and free things

so the 19th year celebration continues.
Where, you might ask? Only one of my favorite places ever to eat! Noodles & Co.
You see, because Noodles and I have such a good, tight, loving relationship, he gave me (and everyone else who subscribes to his mailing list) FREE BIRTHDAY LUNCH!
and because Jenna's birthday was only 2 days ago, she got free food, too.
So, we made it a date.
oh penne rosa, (but not so much the hair we found in Jenna's) how I love you so.
you might think that is where the road ends when it comes to the free food for the day... but as I was pondering the beauty of free entrees, I remembered I had a very hefty coupon from Bajio... and strangely enough, right as I looked out the window, there was Bajio right across the street. Without a second thought, I was there getting a bean and cheese burrito with more rice and beans.
I love mexican.
and I ate it all right on the spot. just kidding.
actually it's in my fridge, where I can hardly wait to eat it tomorrow, probably for breakfast since I own zero food right now. Total truth- I was so desperate this morning that I pulled out the steel cut oats my mom send up here with me.... sick.
Anyway, that's where the free food road ended. Now the friend birthday celebration, Festival of Colors, and homework-all-weekend-long-coming-out-my-ears road begins. Yay.
AND the family comes for Spring Break in, oh, less than 48 hours. Joyous!

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The Ball Babies said...

Steel cuts oats are like candy to me! Just put enough salt in the water and honey with milk on the top and you will want them everyday!!! Delish!!!

BTW I'm pretty impressed with all your thriftiness as of late.