Sunday, March 14, 2010

cuantas bendiciones de Jesús tendrás

this weekend has been superb
Friday brought Blindside, which was fabulous the 2nd time over. It would have been even better if the Varsity Theatre would invest in some real seat cushions.

Saturday started early with 6 hours of working DanceSport, a ballroom dance competition held at the Marriott. Everyone was jealous of me and my mustard yellow and blue events shirt that almost hits my knees, I know it. DanceSport was really fun to work, and there was definitely not enough glitter, spandex, sequins, self tanner, and gel... on the "boys". Haha but no really, I got to watch a lot of Pasa Doble, Cha cha, Fox Trot, Waltz, & Quickstep... now I want to do it for myself. I mean, if 6 year olds can move their hips like that, (who even knew they HAD hips to move like that) maybe I can too? haha
Oh, and Saturday afternoon gifted us with a nice spring blizzard, too. Thanks a lot, Provo.

Sunday is where we are at right about now. This morning we went to some Stake Conference, and then I finished up church with more church at the barrio español! (spanish ward) It was great- I love Mexicans.
And now me and Anna are laying in our beds listening to the sweet sounds of my good friend, Mason Jennings. Mmmmm gotta love Sunday.
And happy birthday week to me.

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Jillian Rue said...

Oh dancesport-- were you there when we found nail polish in the men's bathroom???