Monday, March 8, 2010

a smallish update

So a little something to keep you up to date with my life:
Weekend:Logan was grand. When/if you go there, go to Firehouse Pizza- it's fantastic. I recommend the Ratatouille pizza with no mushrooms. Then go to the Aggie Cheese place and get some cookie dough ice cream for a measly 2 dollars! Then go rent a redbox and eat an entire box of Crunch and Munch. (yep... I think I exceeded like a week's worth of calories with that one.)
On Saturday Rachael and I went to a USU bball game. They basically have the greatest student section in the history of student sections... BYU needs to pick it up! I was so intrigued by this guy
This is Bill Sproat. He is hilarious- this guy takes off his shirt, wears different accessories each game, and totally throws off all the free throw shooters on the opposing team. It's so great!
Working out: Tonight I went on my first OUTSIDE run!!! Oh, it felt good! I missed my little route through Provo, and I think it missed me, too!
Food: today I bought chickpeas... what to do do with them, not quite sure yet. Hummus? Chickpea salad? Hmmm. Trainer momma eats them, so I figured I can, too!
OH and FYI, Dannon Light and Fit Vanilla is ambrosia. Seriously, best yogurt award goes to it.
Homework: ay ay ay I have a lot. I have to give a little presentation on this festival of Valencia though, and it makes me so excited to go to Spain!
Welcome to La Tomatina- the world's biggest food fight held every year on the last Wednesday of August. Add it to your bucket list!
Well friends, hope you've had your fill.
Til Wednesday!

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