Thursday, March 4, 2010

mm mm good

alright people, this weather is throwing me for a loop, and since it's March 4th(forth), I reminisced about this and missed high school.
Don't worry- it's only lasted about 15 seconds tops.
I don't like that Mother Nature is giving the good people of Provo little bits and pieces of spring, then taking them back just as fast. And then replacing them with a lot of snow.
Not cool MN, not cool.
Ahhhhh but I can feel the weekend in sight. I've gotten all caught up in the homework department, and I'm headed here for the weekend.
Ahhh Logan, UT. Please don't be too snowy!!
Cannot wait to see Rachael, and all that stands between me and this lovely weekend are six hours of sleeping, three hours at the Marriott, one hour of pumping iron, and two hours of class.
.. and only 5ish weeks of class left. This is sheer beauty.
have a fabulous Fri, Sat, and Sun.

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