Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wisdom Wednesday

today I am lame. so if you don't want to be bored, don't read this.
WW57- espinaca.
(that's spinach in Spanish... I just thought it would sound a little cooler if I wrote it in an exciting way... and gave you a link to look up all the benefits if you're as cool as I am)
Last week Mom loaded me up on some groceries, and it just turns out that the superfood itself landed in my fridge... I've eaten it every day since.
My vegetable hating roommate tells me it looks like leaves I picked off trees. When I tell her that it's full of calcium, she tells me to drink some milk.
What do I say to that? I like it.
Anyways, that is all... I really did just write a whole post about leaves. I'm cool.
Oh, and happy three year vegetarian anniversary to me... soon to be broken in Spain :/
Some people are afraid of spiders. I am afraid of shrimp. and pork.


The Ball Babies said...

I'm afraid of pork, too. But I loooove shrimp! (Just not the poop vein.)

[Lex] said...

You dont know how excited I am for you to break this vegetarian thing you've been on! I thought for sure you wouldn't last this long!!

D said...

Bahahhaha....poop vein