Monday, April 5, 2010

words and numbers

credits for next semester. registration? CHECK.
One thing I did right in high school was to get a plethora of AP credit.
Because of those 16 Spanish credits I came here with, I got to register early-ish, and I was able to snag all the classes I wanted.
schedule? Fall is looking like Anatomy, Accounting, Spanish Literature, Psychology, and New Testament. Gotta love pre-dietetics.
the current temp for Provo. Cloudy, rainy, and cold. Really? While sleeping I am beginning to dream of stable climates.
the number of days remaining until I am walking on Spanish ground. And I am praying that my passport comes soon- can't get there without it :/
the number of episodes of the Office I have missed. I believe it's time to become reacquainted with Jim, Pam, and the baby, make pitas for dinner, and catch up on some Spanish.

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