Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day Eight

This post shall be semi-short because I am tired and one word can basically sum up this day.
After class today we all met up and went to the church to have a good ol' game of futbol. Instead of a basketball court they've got a futbol court, and since some of my friends live with the Seminary teacher, we've got free reign and the keys as well! It was great. Here they don't play on grass, but on something kind of like a tennis court, so it was a little different from my memories of the good ol' soccer days, but that doesn't mean I didn't get right back in there and remember how much I love playing!
Oh, and my team rocked that court. It was so fun- we played nonstop for a good 2 hours, and I am sure we will go back. Afterwards? Tapas, por su puesto. Nope, no eel tonight, I settled with the patatas fritas.
Speaking of food, it was actually GREAT today. Mama's getting the hang of things, and even though I am learning I hate Spanish food, I am also learning that I love Valencian food. Basically this region of Spain is close to the coast and everyone eats a lot of fruits/vegetables, so I think I'd fit in great over there. Anyhow, for lunch we had spaghetti. I did my best to eat around the sausage/hamburger/other until Mama looked over and said, "Look at her! Trying to eat around the meat!" and I said, "No I'm not! Here, I'll eat a huge piece just for you!" And reluctantly shoved a good helping in my mouth... and quickly swallowed. Sick. It was edible though, so I was glad about that one :) For dinner it was stuffed mushrooms and some Valencian potato, onion, cheese, something concoction. Yep, need the recipe for that one. It was delish.
And PS: I don't feel bad about not knowing Mama's name. She asked Natalie what my name was today while I was sleeping. Bahaha


Me said...

Hahahaha I liked how she ask you name :]]

The Ball Babies said...

I'm sure she doesn't know your name! What is wrong with good ole Mama??? Hmmm. I mean who wouldn't remember you??? I think you should just outright ask her what hers is! haha

Futbol sounded fun! Great exercise and I'm sure you'll probably feel it tomorrow!

PS Don't keep swallowing meat whole. It's probably not good for digestion...

Love ya!