Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day Nine

"So I don't know if ya'll know this..... but we're shopping. In Spain"
This was by far my favorite exclamation as our little Spain family wandered in and out of store after store after store near Puerta de Sol today. After a looooooooong morning of grammar study in Span 321, (matame, por favor) and then a nice lunch of garbonzo bean, egg, spinanch, tomato soup, (sooo good... Mama is getting the hang of her cooking skills) we made our way back to Madrid to burn some of those Euros that have been burning huecos grandes en mis bosillos.
I have come to the conclusion that everything is cuter in Europe. Every single store we wandered into... well, I wandered out with another bag. If you know me well, you know I am not a shopper. It is not my forté. I am not good at it whatsoever. HOWEVER today was different, as we tried on things that will most likely be in style in the US next year, listened to purely American music in every tienda, and spent far too many Euros.
Another goal of today was to find delicious pastries in one of the panaderías in Madrid. All I know, is that after scoping out the windows of two different pastry shops, it was love at first sight/bite when I spotted that little something something there in the window, covered in sugar and Nutella. I hope America catches on to the pastry sensation quickly, because man.... that thing was delicious/laced with gold.
After a full day of shopping, Janessa, Natalie, and I returned to the metro, had a nice little, "where in the heck are we" moment and did a lot of wandering around the station, but ultimately, we made it back to Alcalá safe and sound.
Another day in this dream world has come to a close. More fun to come mañana.
PS: I just clicked confirm on ebay and my Real Madrid jersey is on the way :). Although they sell them on every street corner here, well, this one was much cheaper. It is safe to say I fell in love with Ronaldo last night. Google him. He is both beautiful and talented.

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The Ball Babies said...

Can't wait to see what you bought in all those cute bags! Have to admit I'm a lot jealous of you right now. Dang. Some people's children have all the fun...

Love ya!

Keep those posts comin'!!!