Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day Sixteen

Dear Weather,
Please start cooperating.

Those are my thoughts tonight as I sit here, eating oranges and trail mix, and waiting for my hair to semi-dry so I can go to bed. (It's so fun to not own a blow dryer.) I am sick of this freezing weather here and having people stare at my Rainbows as I pass boot clad women everyday. However, I know that the day I buy more socks, an umbrella, or a pair of jeans that don't have a hole in the crotch, the weather will all of a sudden be really nice. On second thought, maybe I'll be doing that.

Today was another Madrid day. After class, Alcalá shopping, fantastic pastries, and lunch, (nothing too interesting today... my Valencian potato dish, leftovers, spring rolls... basically I think Pili was just cleaning out the fridge) we rode into the city to go hit a movie on this dreary, raining, cloudy day. We intended on seeing Ironman 2, but instead went to see Robin Hood in English, but with Spanish subtitles. It came out a day earlier in Europe than the US, so that was kinda cool. It was pretty good, despite the fact that I don't really enjoy action movies.
After the movie we went to get food, found pizza, and devoured it. Mmmmm food that we know. I loved it, even if it tasted a little off.

Okay, honestly I am too tired to write anything else. Early day tomorrow- we're going to Segovia and Ávila and must be on the train at 7:45. Yay. Hope life is swell!

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